Surge Arrester Type 2 Requirement Class C, UC 350V Pluggable Protective Modules 2-Pole, 1+1 Circuit For TN-S And TT Systems With FRN Display, Narrow D

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Surge arrester Type 2 Requirement class C, UC 350V Pluggable protective modules 2-pole, 1+1 circuit for TN-S and TT systems with FRN display, narrow Design Surge protection devices for protecting against overvoltage in electrical systems. As an important component of the SENTRON protective components for electrical installations, the surge protection devices from Siemens provide effective protection in the event of lightning and overvoltage due to atmospheric influences or switching operations. User-friendly mounting and connection technology as well as an integrated design are the characteristics of the device family. Whether for infrastructure or for industrial requirements, Siemens provides surge protection devices for all applications and every application area. Key features of the Siemens surge protection devices: 1. Effective investment and plant protection against lightning and overvoltage. 2. The right lightning/overvoltage protection (type 1 to 3) for every use case. 3. Remote signaling contact to the external upload of the status display. 4. Reliable safety during installation due to standard reach-around and touch protection. 5. Removal from standard mounting rail without tools. 6. Clearly visible fault display. 7. The data matrix code on the front of the device provides quick and easy access to information on all aspects of lightning and overvoltage protection. 8. Optimized technology for your safety û only from Siemens.

  • · Surge arrester type 2 requirement class C, UC 350 V protection modules pluggable.


  • Nominal voltage AC : 230 V
  • Category type 2 : Yes
  • With remote signalling contact : Yes
  • Integrated backup fuse : No
  • System configuration other : No
  • System configuration TT : No
  • System configuration TN-S : No
  • System configuration TN-C : No
  • System configuration TN-C-S : No
  • System configuration TN : No
  • System configuration IT : No
  • System configuration DC : No
  • Mounting method : DIN rail (top hat rail) 35 mm
  • Max. continuous voltage AC : 350 V
  • Max. conductor cross section flexible (fine-strand) : 16 mm²
  • Max. conductor cross section solid (solid, stranded) : 25 mm²
  • Voltage protection level L-N : 1.4 kV
  • Voltage protection level N-PE : 1.5 kV
  • Max. discharge surge current (8/20) : 40 kA
  • Short-circuit breaking capacity (Isccr) : 25 kA
  • Nominal discharge surge current (8/20) : 40 kA
  • Number of conductors (without earthing) : 1
  • Degree of protection (IP) : IP20
  • Signalling at the device : Optic