SITOR Fuse Switch 10 X 38, Up To 32 A, 690 V AC, 2-Pole

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SITOR fuse switch 10x 38, Up to 32 A, 690 V AC, 2-pole SITOR 3NE and 3NC semiconductor fuses protect power semiconductors from the effects of short circuits. As an important element of the SENTRON protective component line for electronic installations, the SITOR fuse system from Siemens provides effective protection for personnel, equipment and plants with reliable shutdown in the event of an overload or short circuit. The area of application also includes frequency converters with fuses in the input circuit and in the DC link and also UPS systems and soft-starters for motors. Key features of the Siemens SITOR fuses: 1. Extremely fast-acting switch-off characteristic compared to conventional LV HRC fuses. 2. Power semiconductors are also reliably protected in the event of a short-circuit. 3. The Siemens quality standard ensures very good characteristic curve accuracy. 4. SITOR cylindrical fuses are approved in accordance with IEC and UL and largely also CCC and can therefore be used worldwide. 5. In some cases suitable for installation in LV HRC fuse bases, in LV fuse switch disconnectors and switch disconnectors with fuses.


  • Type of electrical connection of main circuit : Screw connection
  • Position control element : Front side
  • Number of poles : 2
  • Max. rated operation voltage Ue AC : 690 V
  • Equipped with connectors : No
  • Motor drive integrated : No
  • Version as emergency stop installation : No
  • Version as main switch : No
  • Conditioned rated short-circuit current Iq : 50 kA
  • Suitable for ground mounting : No
  • Rated permanent current Iu : 32 A
  • Version as safety switch : Yes
  • Suitable for front mounting 4-hole : Yes
  • Suitable for busbar mounting : No
  • Motor drive optional : No
  • With error protection : No