Short Circuit Alarm Switch Changeover Contacts Type HQ (7mm) Accessory For: 3VA1 160

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short circuit alarm switch changeover contacts type HQ (7mm) accessory for: 3VA1 160 Internal accessories for 3VA molded-case circuit breakers. With the internal accessories for the 3VA molded-case circuit breaker, you can flexibly cover a multitude of use cases. Thanks to the color and mechanical coding, all components can be installed with failsafe and are consistent across all ranges of the 3VA molded-case circuit breaker. Key features of these accessory components: 1. Flexible use in a wide range of applications. 2. Color coding and physical coding for error-free installation in the accessory pockets of the molded-case circuit breaker. 3. Standard internal accessories for 3VA molded case circuit breakers. 4. Available internal accessories: Auxiliary switches, leading auxiliary switches, tripped and short-circuit signaling switches (3VA1 only), auxiliary trip units (voltage, residual current, undervoltage and universal release), cylinder lock. &DPMD_ACC602_001_000_1003286&