Sentron Cyl Fuse Link Class Cc 10 3NW2100-0HG

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SENTRON, cylindrical fuse link, Class CC, 10 A, quick, Un AC: 600 V, respect national installation rules! for protection of lighting installations, heating and control circuits UL fuse systems class CC and class J. As an important component of the SENTRON protective components for electronic installations, the 3NW fuse system from Siemens provides effective protection for personnel, equipment and plants with reliable shutdown in the event of an overload or short-circuit. Class CC fuses are used for branch circuit protection applications. Class J fuse links are used for branch circuit protection and in the feeder circuit. Key features of the Siemens NW fuses: 1. Easier export thanks to UL and CSA approvals for typical applications on the North American market. 2. Modern design with touch protection ensures safe installation. 3. Dead-state fuse replacement in fuse holders possible


  • Voltage type : AC
  • Nominal current : 10 A
  • Rated voltage : 10 – 600 V
  • Breaking capacity : 200000 kA
  • Rated operating frequency : 45 – 62 Hz
  • With striker : No