Sentron Cyl Fuse Link 10 X 38 Mm 1 3NW6003-4

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SENTRON, cylindrical fuse link, 10 x 38 mm, 10 A, gPV, Un DC: 1000 V Fuses for stringent requirements in photovoltaic applications. Siemens photovoltaic fuses are especially designed for protecting PV modules and ensure a high level of plant availability over the entire life of the PV system. The fuses have a high DC rated voltage and withstand the greatest temperature fluctuations without damage. All Siemens photovoltaic fuse systems therefore comply with the standard IEC 60269-6. The photovoltaic fuses are characterized primarily by: 1. Reliable protection of the modules and the module connection cables in the event of reverse currents. 2. Compliance with the UL standard UL 2579 (for IEC cylindrical fuses). 3. Safe tripping in case of residual currents and therefore reduction of the risk of fire due to DC electric arcs. 4. Safe separation when the fuse holder/fuse base is open. 5. Long service life despite frequent and very variable load currents.


  • Size : 10×38 mm
  • Nominal current : 10 A
  • Voltage type : DC
  • Breaking capacity : 30000 kA
  • Rated voltage : 10 – 1000 V
  • Rated operating frequency : 45 – 62 Hz
  • With striker : No