Schneider GS2V3 Fuse Sw Body TP 1250A

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  • · TeSys GS fuse switch-disconnector, 3 poles (3P), 1250A/1000V, to be used with DIN blade fuse links size 4 up to 1250A, for motor applications up to 560kW@400V AC-23.
  • · To be equipped with a direct operating handle GS1AH104 (to be ordered separately), or with an external operating handle GS2AH that can be front side, left-hand side, or right-hand side mounting (several models available).
  • · It provides screw terminals with 3P terminal shrouds, high short circuit current rating 100kA@400V.
  • · Add-on auxiliary contact modules GS1AM (front mounting), GS1AN (side mounting), GS1AF (top mounting for blown signaling with stricker fuses) can complete the assembly (to be ordered separately).
  • · Type aM and gG size 4 blade fuse links without strickers DF2LA, DF2LN and with strickers DF4LA, DF4LN are available (to be ordered separately).