Fuse Switch Disconnector 3NP1, 3-Pole, NH00, 160 A, For Surface Mounting And …

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SENTRON, Fuse switch disconnector 3NP1, 3-pole, NH00, 160 A, for assembly and installation on mounting plate, flat terminal, Cover level 45 mm Fuse switch disconnector 3NP up to 630 A with enhanced protection for personnel and plants and user-friendly connection system. The fuse switch disconnectors provide reliable overload and short-circuit protection for industrial plants or infrastructure and are suitable for use in various industries. The reach-round and touch protection incorporated as standard in the new SENTRON 3NP1 series prevents users from touching current conducting parts when mounting in a busbar system, even if they need to be accessed on the rear. The large inspection window also ensures that the user can easily recognize the fuses installed. Key features of the Siemens 3NP fuse switch disconnectors: 1. Maximum flexibility thanks to modular design and universal accessories. 2. Suitable for floor mounting, standard mounting rail, and Siemens busbar system 8US 3. Electronic fuse monitoring function including line monitoring. 4. Five sizes from 100 A to 630 A up to degree of protection IP40. 5. Fast and safe conversion for cable feeder top / bottom. 6. Flexible switching instants of auxiliary switch (simultaneous or leading). 7. Locking and sealing option. www.siemens.com/switching-devices. Siemens offers a comprehensive portfolio of protection, switching, measuring and monitoring devices, distribution boards as well as switches and sockets for safe and efficient electrical infrastructure in buildings and industry.


  • Suitable for busbar mounting : No
  • Equipped with connectors : No
  • Motor drive optional : No
  • With error protection : No
  • Suitable for front mounting 4-hole : No
  • Suitable for ground mounting : Yes
  • Version as safety switch : Yes
  • Version as main switch : No
  • Version as emergency stop installation : No
  • Motor drive integrated : No
  • Rated short-time withstand current lcw : – kA
  • Suitable for fuses : NH000, NH00
  • Max. rated operation voltage Ue AC : 690 V
  • Rated operation power at AC-23, 400 V : – kW
  • Conditioned rated short-circuit current Iq : 80 kA
  • Rated permanent current Iu : 160 A
  • Number of poles : 3
  • Type of control element : Cover grip
  • Type of electrical connection of main circuit : Rail connection
  • Position control element : Front side
  • Degree of protection (IP), front side : IP40