Accessory For Switch Disconnector With Fuses In-Line Design, Plug-In, NH00 Terminal Cover For 2 And 3-Pole Devices

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accessory for Switch disconnector with fuses In-line design, plug-in, NH00 Terminal cover for 2 and 3-pole devices Comprehensive accessories for increased flexibility. From bridging bars through auxiliary switches to various drives, fourth poles or contact covers: With a wide range of accessories, the switch disconnectors and transfer switching equipment can be used for a wide variety of requirements and retrofitted at any time. The Siemens 3NJ6 switch disconnectors with fuses are characterized primarily by: 1. Compact, modular design. 2. Voltage levels up to 690 V AC/440 V DC. 3. Simple and efficient mounting due to incoming plug-in contact. 4. Dead-state fuse replacement. 5. Compliance with the provisions of IEC EN 60947-3. 6. High operator protection and maintenance-free. 7. Clear and unambiguous switch position indicator. 8. Flexibility due to accessories that can be retrofitted at any time.